Our Objectives

Welcome to Green Garden Group (စိမ်းလန်းဥယျာဉ်အဖွဲ့)

Our Green Garden Group (စိမ်းလန်းဥယျာဉ်အဖွဲ့) is a Non-government organization that is organized not only with the people of the locality as well as those who are from international such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and so on. We are donating specialized on Education, Natural Disaster and other social activities as much as we can.

Let’s begin to donate 1000 for monthly

By donating as a member is that effect on various kinds of donations and social activities from Green Garden Group (စိမ်းလန်းဥယျာဉ်အဖွဲ့). So we invite you indeed to donate 1000 (Kyat One Thousand Only) monthly together with us and get the various kinds of merits (advantages).


We, Green Garden Group (စိမ်းလန်းဥယျာဉ်အဖွဲ့) really appreciate and thanks for your donation on our donations for Education, Natural disaster and other social activities. We make a wish for all benefactors and members to be well, cheerful and to achieve much more merits for self-esteems as well as welfare of others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about Green Garden Group!

Could you tell me about the Green Garden Group?

Green Garden Group is an organization which includes members not only from Myanmar but also from other foreign countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, America. It’s two main objectives are to support youth’s educational needs and relief for natural disasters. Accordingly cooperating with other social organizations, Green Garden Group sometimes actively participates in social welfares as much as we can.

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Recent Activities

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OnDoctor for GGG and everyone

အဖွဲ့ဝင် ညီအစ်ကိုမောင်နှ၊ မိသားစုများ အားလုံးနှင့် ဘုန်းတော်ကြီးသင်ပညာရေးကျောင်းများ၊ [..]

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စိမ်းလန်းဥယျာဉ်အဖွဲ့(Green Garden Group)တွင် လစဉ်အလှူငွေ ၁,၀၀၀/ (တစ်ထောင်ကျပ်)အား လစဉ်/နှစ်စဉ်မပျက်လှူ [..]

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ကျွန်တော်တို့အားလုံးပါဝင်ပေးဖို့လိုနေပါပြီ။ လူချင်း ၃ ‌ပေခွာရင်း နှလုံးသားချင်း နီးပေ [..]

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