Brief History of Green Garden Group (စိမ်းလန်းဥယျာဉ်အဖွဲ့)

Our Green Garden Group (စိမ်းလန်းဥယျာဉ်အဖွဲ့) is organized not only with the people of the locality as well as those who are from international such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and so on.

Since 13th April 2000, we, Green Garden Group have been carrying out the Donation, educational necessities for youths, and general social services for natural disaster caused by floods and fire and contributions for the activity of charities.

At first, we began our activity not as an organization, but only with eight young friends by offering alms food to monks. Then, gradually, much more donors had taken part in our activities, who interested in our further donations we have been doing. Therefore, we organized our Green Garden Group in May 2013 to perform the social contribution activities more effectively, to provide the receipts for cash donations, the Certificate of Honors to the donors and to hook up systematically with the benefactors from far and near who want to collaborate in our contribution activities.

In order to give regular offering for all donors and to increase the contribution funds in some way, we set 1000 MMK as monthly donation that is affordable for each people from any standard of living.

After establishing as an organization and as yet, our group has been performing social contributions and charities more successfully due to the virtuous actions of the benefactors and the group members. And we vowed to carry on the activities much more than now.

We, the family of Green Garden Group (စိမ်းလန်းဥယျာဉ်အဖွဲ့) make a wish for all benefactors and members to be well, cheerful and to achieve much more merits for self-esteems as well as welfare of others.