Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about Green Garden Group

Could you tell me about the Green Garden Group?

Green Garden Group is an organization which includes members not only from Myanmar but also from other foreign countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, America. It’s two main objectives are to support youth’s educational needs and relief for natural disasters. Accordingly cooperating with other social organizations, Green Garden Group sometimes actively participates in social welfares as much as we can.

What should I do to be part of Green Garden Group?

You can be a member of it by donating 1000 Kyats per month in order to be participate in our donation activities.

Can’t I donate if I’m not a member?

You can donate as much as anytime you wish if you don’t meet any donation activities. You can also donate to the needs of Green Garden Group. Besides, you can be part of our various donation activities in health, education and relief for natural disasters by donating 50000 kyats for one unit of eternal fund.

How can I donate monthly?

You can donate as you wish monthly or annually.


  • 1. You can donate via our group representative. ( Let me know your address, we will have you contacted with the representative near your address.)
  • 2. You can donate via bank. ( You can transfer our group bank account; AYA, CB, KBZ)
  • 3. If above two options won’t work, you can donate money in the form of phone bill to one of our representatives)

(Option 3 is only one option which we want you to follow when others option cannot work.)

Monthly donation cannot be convenient both for you and the representative. Therefore, you are kindly requested to donate for 4 months or 6 months or 1 year as you wish.

What are the requirements for the membership?

You need to put your following personal particulars in this website, and donate 1000kyats per month in order to keep you as a member and you can easily check your balance of donation;

  • Name:
  • Other Name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • NRC No:
  • Email:
  • Phone No:
  • Address:

(All the above data will be put into the website and since we are going to arrange you to check your balance donation, you are kindly requested to provide true data.) If you want to know more detail,

You can send message to our Green Garden Group Facebook page,

You can comment on our website; home page and upcoming event page or contact our representatives.

You can send email to

You can call 09420076961, 09421716264, 09420050490